Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Primark Haul!

Yesterday was one of those good Primark shopping days, despite the heat. I mostly bought basics, like I usually do, but still thought I'd show you!

Men's turquoise zip hoodie - £10 (was labelled as £12, though), women's mint zip hoodie - £8

I don't have many hoodies, so finally decided to buy a couple. I wore the first one today, as you can probably tell by the arms! I bought it in XS, and it fits nicely. I hadn't previously bought any of the women's hoodies because they were thin and not as good as the men's, but they seem to have changed that and made them thicker. I bought this one in a size 10, and it's not that different in size to the men's.

Top - 7 pairs of ankle socks - £2.50, 3 pairs of sheep ankle socks - £1.50
Bottom - 3 pairs of cow ankle socks - £1.50, 3 pairs of frog ankle socks - £1.50

This was me being restrained... I have a problem.

Top - White pj top - £3.50, yellow pj top - £3
Bottom - Pink flamingo cropped pj bottoms - £5, mint striped cropped pj bottoms - £5

I also have a pyjama problem...

Top - Shopper bags - £1.50 each
Bottom - Grey and peach stretch vest tops - £2.50 each

The bags will come in useful for when I need to take my camera or extra books to uni. They'll also be useful for when I go shopping! I already own the vests in a variety of colours, and just couldn't resist the peach one. I'm really liking peach, yellow, and mint at the moment - It must be the weather!

Top - Blue speckled t-shirt - £4, green t-shirt - £2.50
Bottom - Orange t-shirt - £2.50, blue t-shirt - £2.50

These look awful on the hangers! But they look okay once on. There's not much more to say about them, really!

Like I said, most of the items featured in this post are boring and basic, but that's my style! I may try and branch out of my comfort zone next time... maybe!


  1. I really want that green hoodie! So cute x


  2. I love EVERYTHING. I recently got a few bits from Primark too, they have such a great selection at the moment, I felt completely spoilt for choice. Great colours. x

  3. I love the sheep socks and the mint hoody... you're making me want to get down to Primark!

    Jen xx

  4. Oh dear you bought so many cute things! I LOVE the socks! xx

  5. The frog socks are too cute! I've been meaning to go to Primark for basics recently - we all know that washing machines eat socks x


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