Saturday, 14 February 2015

Television | The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I don't have much of a social life, and prefer to come home to a good TV series. Now, I'm only talking about those (mostly) American, binge watch entire series at once, shows in this post. We'd be here all day else! The shows I watch on a weekly basis, ones like GBBO, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, 8 Out Of Ten Cats Does Countdown etc, are for another post. I've picked some questions from various tags to answer, and would be intrigued to know yours, too.

What was the first TV show you loved and watched religiously?
Technically, that would have been something like Art Attack, but in terms of a fictional series with a continuous story line, it'd have to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Charmed. I loved them so much. An episode of Buffy was on the TV the other day, and I noticed how unrealistic (not that vampires are real anyway) and non scary the vampire makeup was, but back in the day, it definitely was!

What are your favourite shows?
Chuck, Dexter, The Killing, The Originals, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives, The Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Orange is The New Black, 90210, CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones... the list goes on.
Chuck is probably in my top three because it was full of action, sometimes funny, and I just loved Chuck. 
The Originals is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries, and I like it more because Klaus is in it. I'd definitely recommend watching it if you're a fan of TVD!
Some episodes of CSI and Criminal Minds can be a bit pants, but the good ones are really good. I prefer Criminal Minds over CSI because it has more psychos in. I don't know what that says about me.

What shows weren't you so keen on?
Okay, everyone seems to rave about True Blood, and it has high ratings, so I thought I'd give it a go. I couldn't get through the first episode, it was so comical. I then skipped about 4 seasons, and it was better, but still not great. I didn't find the acting good, and I couldn't stand the accent. 
Homeland was okay, but I found it too slow paced and boring, so haven't continued watching the new series. It didn't help that I started watching it after Prison Break, which is full of action.
Supernatural was another I loved, but started to become bored of. I didn't care if someone died because, chances were, they'd come back anyway.
Pretty Little Liars. I'm bored of it now. I still watch it, but I'm not gripped, and end up laughing at the things A does.
American Horror Story. I really liked the Asylum series, and the others were okay, but I just didn't love them like everyone else.
Dexter. I LOVED Dexter, but the ending annoyed me. Apart from that, though, the series was fantastic.

What are you currently watching?
I've just finished The Killing, which I loved. I'm now 5 episodes into True Detective, which is okay. I'm finding it a little boring at the moment, but hoping it gets better.

What do you want to watch next?
Revenge has high ratings, and despite it looking cheesy, I think I'm going to watch that next. Please leave your suggestions below, though!


  1. Love this post! Breaking Bad has so many great reviews, I reckon I'm gonna watch that next! x

    1. It starts off a little boring, but it does pick up! Hope you enjoy it :)

  2. I like to watch something from the start and it used to be rare I'd stop watching it. At times I didn't like the storylines in Smallville for example, but stuck with it because I'd "always watched it". Then I realised I could stop watching something if I wanted! One Tree Hill, I tired of early and had never been it's biggest fan to begin with (it was just sooo predictable and they were all too full of themselves, all the while pretending they weren't). Likewise 90210. Gossip Girl, I loved, but gave up on. It got to the point they had all slept with each other, to probably include siblings and I felt it got too far away from the original 'love stories'. I realised when I hated all the characters I'd previously liked and only liked Chuck Bass (who I'd hated) that I should give up on it. True Blood, I only tried the first episode and it wasn't for me. Without A Trace, I hated a new character they brought in so much that I didn't watch the final series. Southland, I watched the first series then thought it was too violent and weird so stopped watching it and this is the only time I've done this, I picked it back up again. It was hard to watch at times (gruesome, gritty, rather than bad stories) but I'm glad I watched it to the end. I used to watch Supernatural and only stopped when it went to Sky, but now it's on E4 have managed to follow it, even although I've missed years of it. It was easy to pick up, but does seem rather silly. CSI I watch, though don't love. I'm a big fan of The 100 on E4 though. I wasn't keen on the first few episodes but am SO glad I stuck with it. I didn't rate many of the characters at first, but now I'm hugely involved and would be devastated if anything happened to (almost all of them now). It's action packed to the point I hold my breath throughout the whole hour and can't help but gasp out loud and watch through my fingers at points! Going from what you've said here, I think you'd like it. I watch ER and Third Watch on repeat (have both on dvd). Some series of ER aren't my favourite, so I tend to binge watch the bits I love! TW is my all-time favourite, I never tire of it (though only series 1 ever came out on dvd here, so I had to get dodgy ones and record it when it used to be on TV during the day). Wowzers, that was a long comment, sorry!

    1. No, thank you for taking the time to write it! I appreciate it :) I agree with 90210, but never stopped watching it for some reason? I think it's because I'd grown to love some of the characters. My sister and dad love The 100, but I haven't started watching it yet because I haven't been sold on the acting, from the parts I've seen. You've changed my mind to give it a go now though! I've never watched Third Watch, but from a quick search, it sounds similar to Chicago Fire - I've only watched the odd episode of this series because I stumble across them while flicking through the channels, but like the ones I have watched. Thank you again for your comment :)


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