Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Spring Fragrances

As I've said before, it's only in the last year that I've really started wearing perfume, and it's become part of my routine. I spritz myself with one every morning before I leave the house, and sometimes on my lunch break, too. I believe that you can wear any scent or colour when you want, no matter what the season, but I have to admit that the weather does have an effect on my choices. We've had textbook spring weather where I live recently, making me choose the above fragrances over others.

The Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances are light and perfect for spring, but there's two I've been reaching for more than the others - Daisy Delight and Daisy Dream. The Eau So Fresh varieties were my preferred ones when I first started wearing perfume because they're incredibly light, but I've started wearing the standard Daisies more these past few months. Surprisingly, I've been reaching for Daisy Delight over Daisy Sunshine. The Sunshine editions are quite fruity, whereas the Delight ones have more sweet floral notes in them (but they're still fruity). I normally choose the fruitier option, but have preferred Delight recently. It was limited edition, but can still be bought from discounted fragrance sites, and sometimes from the likes of Boots and Debenhams online.

Daisy Dream has all the characteristics of a Daisy perfume; it's light, floral, and fruity, but it smells muskier to me. It has more depth, and is slightly more mature than the others. The bottle is also b-e-a-utiful.

I like Nina Ricci Nina, but I like Nina Ricci Nina L'Eau more. It's fresher than the original, and there's something in it which reminds me of aniseed. That could just be me, but I really like it. 

Then there's The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Body Mist. I love their body mists, even if they don't last that long, and I also love the Vineyard Peach range. The scent is very fresh, crisp, and juicy. It's not artificial or too sweet. Unfortunately, the scent isn't part of the permanent line, but it keeps coming back. When it does so again, I'd recommend stocking up until next time!


  1. These are some lovely fragrances, I've always wanted to try the Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  2. I love the Nina Ricci perfume! My fave Marc Jacobs is the Daisy Eau so Fresh one, it smells like those little parma violet sweets!

    Hollie //


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