Monday, 15 June 2015

Marshmallow Blends Wax Melt Haul

A week after placing my first order with Marshmallow Blends (haul and review here), I placed another consisting of 10 ParaSoy Melts, which are £1.50 each. Because I spent over £10, Nicoletta threw in a Mystery Melt. I don't think she's doing this offer now, but it's worth joining her Facebook pages (here and here) to keep up to date.

I was impressed by how naural and long lasting my other ones were, so when I saw a load of new scents on the website, I had to buy some more. I decided on:

Strawberry Seduce - Sweet strawberry/watermelon
Blood Orange - Straight up orange, not artificial in the slightest, which I was surprised about. I thought it'd smell darker than it does because of the 'blood' factor, but it's just a sunny orange.
Lemon Washer Woman - Lemony, clean, almost like Fairy.
Cucumber & Melon - Smells exactly like cucumber and melon. Very fresh and natural.
Mystery Melt - The Mystery Melt I received smells clean, like washing softener.
Blackberry Jam - I had to buy another one of these. Smells like berry sweets.
Snowy F - This is sweet, and similar to the likes of Lush's Rockstar, Godmother, and Comforter products.
Sugar Plum Fairy - A Marshmallow Blends exclusive. This smells like Drumstick lollies with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I'd personally prefer it without the warmth, but it's still an incredible scent.
Rhubarb & Custard - Smells like the hard boiled sweets - Delicious.
Pink Lemonade - Almost smells like sweet grapefruit. Very fresh and uplifting.
Creamy Coconut - Vanilla and coconut. 

I wasn't expecting them to smell as authentic as they do. I was expecting some of them to have that artificially sweetness behind them (especially Blood Orange and Cucumber & Melon), but they don't. My first Blackberry Jam one is almost done now, after 10/11 hours, so I'm very impressed. I'm a Yankee Candle Wax Tart fan, and after trying another small brand's offerings and being disappointed, I wasn't expecting to like these as much as I do. I weighed each of them, and most of them were 30g or over. I had one at 28g, and the biggest at 36g. Yankee Candle's offerings are 22g, so that gives you an idea of how big they are!

If you've tried any of Marshmallow Blends' wax melts, let me know your favourite scents.

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