Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Disappointing Products #02

I usually read a lot of reviews before purchasing a product, so it's rare to come across a disappointing one, hence why there's only three to show you this time around.

I'm a fan of the Aussie shampoos and conditioners, with the Mega and Miracle Moist ranges being ones I've repurchased multiple times. I thought I'd try out the Luscious Long products some time last year instead of my usual ones, though, just to mix things up a bit. It had high ratings and positive reviews, and is supposed to make your hair silky smooth, which I'm all for. However, the shampoo made my hair so dry, and the conditioner didn't do much either. If anything, I thought they'd have the opposite effect and possibly weigh my hair down from being too conditioning and silky, so the fact that they were drying really surprised me. This is the one range I'll be staying away from in the future.

The Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer is supposed to blur wrinkles, fine lines, and pores, while leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft, and matte. To be fair, it does do these things, but I hate the way it feels on my skin throughout the day. It has that silicone texture that's very slippery, and not only does it feel horrible, it doesn't help your makeup last well.

I love Maybelline mascaras, and used to use the Colossal Volume Express one years ago. I picked it up again during a promotion last year, and when I got round to using it, was surprised at its flakiness. Even as I was applying it, I would notice little specks falling on my skin. It wasn't completely terrible, and I could manage this small negative feature, but why bother when I can use ones I love? Life's too short to use an average mascara. I ended up giving it to my mum, where most of my unwanted makeup goes!

All three of these products are loved by many, so I'm disappointed that they didn't work for me. Have you tried them? What do you think?

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