Monday, 21 March 2016

New Makeup

I know, another haul, but... well, I don't have an excuse. I spend a ton one week, and nothing the next. This is a week where I've exercised my bank account. A lot

NYX is one of my favourite makeup brands, so I'm glad us folk in the UK are now able to buy it from the likes of Boots, Feel Unique, and ASOS. Some other places stock it as well, but these are the main three I personally buy from. Anyway, I've had the blush in Taupe for ages. I love the shade for contouring (the majority of products are too warm for my liking), but it has hardly any pigment, and you have to scratch the product up each time you use it, which is why it was featured in my Love-Hate Relationships post. NYX have since reformulated their blushes (£5.50 a pop), so I had to buy a replacement. So far, I've found that it's softer and more pigmented, and just a touch powdery. I still think it's better than the old formula, though, despite this.

When the NYX Butter Lipstick (£5.50) also arrived, and said 'Root Beer Float' on the bottom, I thought I'd bought the wrong shade, but after a little research, I found that they've renamed the shades, and this was once Pops, the shade I wanted. I know many dislike this phrase, but it really is a 'my lips but better' colour. It's a combination of a nude and pink, which isn't so different to my natural lip colour. It's pigmented and creamy, and seems to wear well, but because it's close in colour to my lips, I'm not as certain as I am with darker shades. Moonlight Night, formerly known as Licorice, is next on my list of lipsticks to buy, even though I have enough!

I've been loving the Makeup Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Medium, and have read many positive reviews of NYX's Eyebrow Gel (£5.50), so had to buy it to compare. I bought the shade Brunette, but because I've yet to use it, I can't tell you more than that. I'm looking forward to giving it a go, though, because I love eyebrow products.

I've recently been using a small brush to create a crisp lip line with my chosen lipstick for that day because I only own a couple lip liners, and they're all red. I wanted a more natural shade that enables me to create the illusion of fuller lips, and because so many people rave about Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob (£3.99), I went ahead and ordered it. I'm excited to dip my toe into this makeup category, and if all goes well, there's a couple from NYX I'll be purchasing.

The Sunday Girl brought the GOSH Forever Matt Eyeshadow Sticks (£6.29) to my attention, and 10 Twisted Brown looked like a great shade to contour with because of its cool tone. From the swatches I've done, it's incredibly creamy and pigmented, so I just hope it blends well enough to be successful.

Let me know if you own any of these products, and what your favourite lip liners are.

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