Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tinting My Eyebrows With Moustache & Beard Dye

I've never felt the need to tint my eyebrows, especially since I'm happy to fill them in every day. Then, out of the blue, my sister mentioned that she wanted to get her eyebrows tinted, so we paid a visit to the Benefit Brow Bar the very next day. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup, and does nothing to her brows, but wanted them a little more defined. Since it was her first time, she wanted to go somewhere well known. I caught the eyebrow tinting bug from watching her get hers done, but wanted to do it myself. Partly because I thought I could find something cheaper than £10.50 a time, but mostly because I don't trust anyone with my eyebrows.

It's advised to avoid hair dye on your eyebrows because it's too harsh for the skin, and there's not many eyebrow tinting kits available. The ones I did find weren't that much cheaper than Benefit's option either, and they didn't have great reviews. After a little research, I came across women using the Just For Men Moustache & Beard Dye. It's around the £6-7 mark, and contains enough product for multiple applications.

As a warning, it tells you to perform a skin allergy patch test 48 hours before using. I didn't, but this was at my own risk. Also, as with any product you use around your eyes, be extremely careful. It contains hydrogen peroxide as well, which isn't good for hair. I also read in the comments of another post that the ingredients in this could react with any dye you already have in your brows. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but you may want to do some more research into this if it applies to you. My eyebrows had never been dyed, so I went ahead and bought a box of Medium Brown. I have dark auburn hair with eyebrows on the light side of medium brown, for reference.

I applied vaseline to the skin around my eyebrows to prevent staining, and then I mixed a pea sized amount of both the colour and developer together. I then applied this using a small angled brush and left it on for 4 minutes, before washing off. It was as simple as that. The results are the same as my sister's, so I'll be doing both of ours again when they fade in 3-4 weeks time. I do think it could have done with being lighter, though, so I'll leave it on for less time next time, or purchase the Light Brown.

I didn't feel like I needed to dye my eyebrows before, but them being darker is already proving to save time when filling them in, and I don't look as washed out without makeup on now. I don't have anything in my brows in the photo above, or the ones below. Speaking of which, the ones below are before and after shots, but the quality is terrible because I wasn't planning on writing a post about them, and I couldn't wait 3-4 weeks to take more! Also, I've since given my eyebrows a little more shape, so they're not quite as straight (to me anyway; they probably look the same to everyone else).

Some people may not like the idea of this, but people have the freedom to make their own choices. I'm simply sharing my experience of a product. If you tint your eyebrows, do you get them done professionally? Or do you do them yourself?


  1. Your tips are always so valuable! I've never considered using beard dye before, but given the problems I have had with other options it worth a shot. Have you used other brands, or just the ones you've featured here? I found some other brands with colors that I think would suit me better.

    Maureen Fleming @ Nirit Reani


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