Monday, 7 March 2016

Candle Belle

I was subscribed to Flamingo Candles for 10 months, and I loved it, but my wax melts were beginning to build up and scents were starting to repeat themselves. It was said that this would happen, and it's understandable, so it's nothing against them. I just thought it was time to suspend my subscription for a while. Then The Sunday Girl wrote a post about this new box from a brand called Candle Belle, and I had to try them.

Of course, I'm going to compare Flamingo Candles' offerings against this one. They're similar and the only other wax subscription I've had. So, with Flamingo Candles, you receive 8 wax melts, weighing around 30g each, for £10 a month. You receive 9 wax melts, weighing around 50g each, for £11 a month with Candle Belle. You're already getting more for your money here. The other thing I love about Candle Belle is the fact that the melts come in pots. I would use half of my Flamingo Candles melts and be left with the other half in paper, which was less than ideal. I also find the packaging and whole image of Candle Belle to be more appealing. Just look at them! So, my main concern was how the scents would smell. Would they be strong enough? Would they be realistic enough?

They're certainly strong enough in the pots. I'll let you know how well they burn in next month's post, once I've tried them all. The scents are pretty realistic as well, but I'll go into each of those individually. In terms of the March box on a whole, it could have been better, for me personally, but that's what you get with subscription boxes. You'll love some of the scents you receive, and you may not love some. Thankfully, the good outweigh the bad this time, and you'll see which ones I'm referring to below.

Bubblicious | This fragrance will take you back to your childhood and blowing massive pink bubbles with gum. Base notes of sugary vanilla are complemented by strawberry, citrus, coconut and clove. I can never decide if I'm a fan of bubblegum scents, but I have to say Candle Belle have this scent down to a T.

Black Cherry Bomb | A super strong and realistic explosion of luscious black cherries. No question, if you like cherries, you are sure to love this. One of our most popular scents, and not for the faint hearted. Wow! Now this is strong. It's definitely cherry scented, but ever since my mum said it smelt like marzipan, that's what I'm also detecting.

Parfum De Paris | A classic and timeless parfum based scent which has perfectly captured the essence of Paris for over ninety years. Ylang ylang, rose petals and jasmine are set against vetiver and sandalwood. These types of scents aren't my favourite, but I think this will fill the house beautifully in small doses.

Clove Rock | Super strong clove with subtle hints of cinnamon and ginger. Smells just like the boiled sweets sold by a quarter pound. Essential for nights in front of the fire. I'm not a fan of this. It smells like described, granted, but it's not one I like.

Sweet Georgia Peach | This sensational, fruity peach has lingering undertones of sweet orange, honeydew melon, vanilla and musk. Smells like you've just cut into a ripe and juicy Georgia peach. Stunning. Stunning indeed! Peach is one of my favourite scents, and this is incredible. Incredible.

Almond Bakewell | Buttery shortcrust pastry and amaretto liqueur infused sponge, topped with roast almonds. A fabulous bakery fragrance with warming vanilla notes. I'm critical of bakery scents because most of the time they don't smell realistic, and end up making me feel sick. While I'm not going to melt all of this at once because it's so strong, it really does smell like an almond bakewell.

Coconut and Banana | This unique fragrance has top notes of fresh banana, coconut and grapefruit, supported by kiwi fruit, lush strawberries and juicy bubblegum, with just a hint of vanilla. A tropical delight. I like banana, but when it comes to home fragrance? I wasn't convinced. However, it has just the right amount of coconut and grapefruit to make it acceptable. I can't say I have anything like this in my collection either, which is saying something.

Granny Smith | This delicious and true fragrance will bring just one thing to mind; Granny Smith apples. Sink your teeth into its crisp exterior to release undertones of sweet candy, which complete the scent. First of all, I'm impressed with the correct use of 'its'. I've come across material from international brands which has this mistake in. It's a pet hate of mine. Anyway, I was doubtful about this scent because Green Apples from Flamingo Candles smelt like an apple which had been left in the sun for a couple days. I was not a fan. This, however, smells just like Granny Smith apples! It's sour and perfectly tart.

Blue Hydrangea | An electric blue, floral stunner of a fragrance. This fresh and invigorating combination of sun kissed hydrangeas and balmy breezes is guaranteed to bring a little summer inside everyday. Another one I'm not particularly fond of, but again, it smells like the real thing.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a brand I'd heard nothing about before, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far. I just hope they melt well, and don't release all the fragrance within the first burn. Along with the wax melts, you receive some sweets and a card explaining each scent. This card also includes a 20% off discount code. If you're interested in subscribing, take into consideration that you're tied up for a minimum of three months, but you're able to cancel any time after this. If you'd like to take a look, click here. They also sell candles, if wax melts aren't your thing.

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