Monday, 11 April 2016

For When I Leave The House

Hauls aren't rare on this blog, but clothing ones are. I'm usually in uniform or pyjamas, leaving very little room for other pieces! I have bought a few bits recently, though, so thought I'd gather everything together.

I already own these £24.99 boots from New Look. They're the first chelsea boots I've liked, and have really changed my outfits, so thought I'd get another pair while they're still around. The socks are also from New Look. At £1.99 a pair, or 3 pairs for £4, you can't go wrong, especially when they have pizzas on them.

H&M is probably my favourite place to shop for clothes. The items look more expensive than they are, so I'm always surprised when I look at a label and see that it's cheaper than the likes of New Look. The grey and teal ribbed tops are high necked, slightly cropped, and have sleeves which come an inch or two above the elbow. I'm not crazy on cropped clothing, but these look fine with a vest underneath. Best of all, they were only £6.99 each. The cacti sweater was only £5.99, people!

I want to be more social just so I can wear these £11 printed trousers from Primark.

Primark has some beautiful lingerie in at the moment. I picked up navy and lemon yellow crocheted sets, but the navy bra had to be returned because the balconette fit was so poor. The yellow one fits nicely, though, and it was £8. The thongs were both £3 each.

The bag in the first photo is from Accessorize, and was £16 down from £32. I'm not cool enough to wear it as a rucksack, but it works well when using the strap to create a shoulder bag.

Excuse the Instagram photo, but I bought another high neck jumper, with this one being from Oasis. It was £12 down from £25, with free delivery. I'm impressed with the quality, so will have to make sure I check out Oasis more often.

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