Saturday, 12 February 2011

Nails Of The Week! (Technically Next Week!)

Models Own Nude Beige.

This is my first Models Own polish! I bought it from a blog sale for £2 :)
I've filed my nails down and painted them this colour as I have an interview Wednesday.
I thought I would like it but I was wrong, I love it!



  1. I wore this nail polish this week too, love it so much! :) xxx

  2. I have this too and i LUUVVVVVVV IT!!!
    It's a colour that will go with sooooo many outfits xx

  3. That is such a gorgeous colour! Good luck for your interview! x

  4. I love Models Own nail varnishes! That was quite a bargain. I'm not sure about this colour, I've never tried it myself so I wouldn't know. I think it might clash with my skin too much.

  5. I'm wearing my first Models Own this weekend (Grey Day). I love the application and quality so far, not bad for £5!

  6. I've never tried Models Own but this is number 2 on my list after a really cool glittery one that I don't know the name of lol :) Looks beautiful, good luck on your interview!

  7. I can see what you mean, I think I have literally fallen in love with that shade! LOL


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