Saturday, 26 February 2011

Stila Eye Shadows

On Wednesday, Nicoletta blogged that M and M Direct were selling Stila eyeshadows (And a few other products) for just 98p each (They're normally £10 something). I didn't need or want any but still found myself buying six? I don't know how! I guess I just wanted to try some Stila products.
I wish I'd actually known about the offer earlier because some gorgeous shades were sold out.
Without further ado, here are the six I purchased:

Left to right: Espresso, Nanda Devi, Barefoot Contessa, Twig, Jezebel, Chinchina.

Same order as above.

The pigmentation varies; Espresso and Twig are particularly pigmented whereas Nanda Devi and Chinchina (The two matte shades) need building up.
I've never owned single pan eye shadows so now I get to start my own palette! I actually don't wear eye shadow on my lids that often (I wear it on my lower lash line) but I'm trying to wear it more.

I find cheaper brand eye shadows more pigmented. For example, Sleek and MUA have great pigmentation whereas MAC doesn't (In my opinion from the shades I've tried. Don't shoot me MAC fans!). Urban Decay is a hit and miss (YDK, Half Baked and Twice Baked are very pigmented whereas Flipside, Flash and Kiddie Pool take a lot of building up).
Pigmentation, to me, is a quality that you expect to find in higher brand eye shadows but from what I've experienced, isn't the case. Maybe the cheaper ones are more loosely packed?
Stila eye shadows are in the middle; not as pigmented as Sleek but still quite pigmented.



  1. Lovely Colors! I really like Barefoot Contessa, swatched lighter than excepted but still lovely.

  2. Bargain! I think Barefoot Contessa, Twig, Jezebel have got to be my favourites out of those x

  3. Such beautiful colours, and so cheap too! I think I'm actually in love with Twig...


  4. Gorgeous colours.. Nanda Devi Barefoot Contessa are gorgeous! xx

  5. Ive seen quite a few girls with these now they all look like lovely colours xx

  6. Wow what a steal! Wish I'd known! Jezebel looks lovely.

  7. Beautiful colours. Can't beleive they were only 98p each! x

  8. i completely agree about the whole pigmentation thing! the few mac shadows i have are pretty poor when it comes to colour pay off, which can't be blamed on what type of shadow they are as they vary in finish :\

    gorgeous colours though & very wearable! :) xx

  9. What a great bargain so cheap and the colours are all so pretty :) xx

  10. I've not tried any Stilla products, they look good! Like you i don't actually wear eyeshadows yet end up buying loads, lmao! x

  11. Yaay mine arrived yesterday as well. Im glad you are pleased with them the colours look great against your skin tone xx

  12. wow thats amazing! 98p!!! bargain!

    Danniella @


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