Monday, 6 February 2012


The quality of these photos is not the best - I'm back to using my own camera *sob*

Lush - Ocean Salt and Sexy Peel soap - £6.75 for 120g and £3.25 per 100g
I think these products are quite expensive, but I decided to buy them because every time I have resisted buying them, I have regretted it. I had a sample of Ocean Salt and liked it, so wanted to buy a full sized pot. Initially, the pot looks small, but my sample lasted me a couple weeks, so this should last a while. Sexy Peel soap smells like sherbet lemon - bliss. I'm going back to Lush soon, to buy my mum a few bits for Mother's Day. I may buy myself something else while I'm at it (I won't feel guilty then :P).

H&M - Cropped jumper - £7.99
I love the periwinkle shade of this jumper... and the price! H&M's prices are very similar to Primark's. I also bought a cobalt blue, basic cardigan (£9.99) and a white, long sleeved top (£7.99), but they're currently in the wash!

Tesco - Jumper - £12
My camera has made it look like the jumper has dirt on it in the first photo, but this is not the case! This jumper is girlier than most of my clothes, but I really like it.

Primark - Bambi t-shirt - £6
I bought another Disney t-shirt!

Primark - Men's bold printed socks £1.50 each, pack of three cow socks £2, pack of two pink and white cosy socks £2.50.
I love socks :)

Primark - Shoes - £3 each
I've been looking for these for six months! Last Summer, I bought a couple pairs of these shoes and wore them to death. Since then, size sevens have been out of stock. So, when I saw multiple size sevens on Saturday, I grabbed four pairs; two grey and two navy.



  1. I love Ocean Salt, my skin always feels so refreshed after using it!! xxx

  2. I really like that pink jumper, might have to hunt it down - the socks are cute too :-)

  3. i have the ocean salt but i can't stand it! feels really scratchy on my skin and it stings
    love the top so cute xo

  4. Awww that Bambi t-shirt and those socks are so cute!

  5. Awesome buys babe! I'd love to see a review on the Ocean Salt, it looks gorgeous xx

  6. I want that tesco shirt soo badly. So pretty!!


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