Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MUA Power Pouts

MUA Power Pouts in Justify, Broken Hearted, Irreplaceable and Crazy In Love

Bare lips

Top row: Justify and Broken Hearted
Bottom row: Irreplaceable and Crazy In Love

Here are the lip swatches of the MUA Power Pouts I have! How beautiful are they? I'm especially loving Justify because it's the one that surprised me the most. I was expecting this almost garish orange (I bought it to warm up the other shades if I wanted to), but it's a subtle coral, and suits me quite well. These lip crayons are just £3 each, pigmented, moisturising, and leave a stain (I read that they didn't stain, so was pleasantly surprised because I love long lasting products). If you don't like how glossy they are, you can dab your lips with a tissue so you're just left with the stain.

So far, these get a big thumbs up from me!


  1. They look awesome - I'm going to snap some up! xxx

  2. They look great! Especially Irreplaceable :) xx

  3. I bought all 6 shades!

    I agree with you on Justify, its such a subtle pretty colour, my 2nd fave is Broken Hearted :)

    Laura's All Made Up ♥

  4. Haven't seen these before! Justify is, as you say, gorgeous! x


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