Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Models Own Beach Party

Models Own Beach Party is highlighter orange in polish form! The formula was a pleasant surprise, taking 2-3 coats. I thought it'd be sheer because it's a neon, but that wasn't the case. Some will find this garish and tacky, and I have to agree with them... but I still love it :) My hair, makeup and clothing are always simple, so I like to go crazy with my nails. I think I'll wear Luis Lemon next week; a neon yellow!


  1. SO bright. This is lovely x

  2. I really really like this. It's a perfect one off summer time colour!
    Bump to Baby

  3. My friend actually told me about this, as she loved it so much. Sounds good from you’ve said too and looks fab too. Might actually have to go try it now. Thanks. Big fan of your blog too by the way. Love your photographs xxx


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