Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Body Shop Haul

I told myself I wasn't going to order from The Body Shop, but the sale, 40% off code (EXTRATREAT), and free delivery over £5 reeled me in!

I bought a Raspberry Body Butter for just £3 (normally £13), and the matching Shower Gel for £1.80 (normally £4). I already own the body butter, and love it, so thought I'd get these two products for a birthday present or something. I have so many products in my birthday/Christmas present box now! It's my excuse to buy things I don't need, but want :)

I then added the Cranberry Joy Linen, Room & Body Spritz to my basket for £2.10. I bought my mum the shower gel in this scent for Mother's Day and really liked it. It smells like fresh berries!

The products from here are not from the sale, but were 40% off with the code. I bought the Banana Conditioner for £2.70 (normally £4.50). To me, it smells more like coconut than banana, but it still smells great. Very sweet, which I love. I'm going to use it tonight, so will let you know how I get on!

I also bought some more Hand Cleanse Gels in Coconut and Mango for £1.50 each (normally £2.50 each). I already own these, but wanted to add them to birthday/Christmas presents because people are always interested when they see/smell them. They're also practical!

I bought another pack of Organic Cotton Rounds for £1.50. I love these because they don't fall apart! They're normally £2.50 though, which is expensive. That's why I always buy them when there's a code floating around.

Lastly, I bought another Paddle Hairbrush for £4.80 (normally £8). I've had three of these now and love them. My current one was getting a little worse for wear, though!

Have you bought anything in The Body Shop sale?


  1. You've just reminded me I need to pick up another hairbrush from them! x

  2. I couldn't resist either, I didn't buy much but I got some of their vanilla Christmas goodies, they smell amazing! xx

  3. I love the hair brushes too! You really can't go wrong! x

  4. I need to pay a little visit to The Body Shop!

  5. Serious bargains! Especially the body butter, yum. (Not actual yum but y'know what I mean!)

  6. The sale in The Body Shop is amazing at the moment! I really recommend getting a love your body card, meaning you get 10% every shop!

    I have a huge Body Shop haul too up on my blog if you're interested. Loved this!


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