Saturday, 19 October 2013

Essie Go Ginza

(Instagram photo)

I'm not happy with my application of this, but I just had to show you the shade because I have nothing like it in my collection! As you can see, it's so much lighter than my other lilacs. I found myself looking at swatches of Go Ginza on Thursday, and then found it in the ASOS sale for £5, so it was meant to be. I was a little apprehensive about paying that, though, because I'm used to Fragrance Direct's £1.99 price tag, but once I found a student discount code (making the polish £4.50) and realised they were giving me free next day delivery (worth £5.95), I couldn't resist. The formula was good, taking just two coats. The first coat was streaky, but a second evened everything out. For such a light shade, I was expecting to have more issues. I really like it, and think it would look even better paired with a light coloured glitter!

What do you think? Are you a fan of lilacs? I personally love them, and deep berry shades, but tend to stay away from the purples in between.


  1. I absolutely love this shade. It's gorgeous! You're not happy with the application?! It looks flawless.

    curlandpearls | bloglovin'

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  3. This shade is yummy & so are the other lilac shades - ♥ how feminine and cute it is !

    Kisses Xx, Selorm.

  4. Gorgeous colour! It's a shame you weren't too happy with the application x
    Sweet Dreams

  5. I love this colour! I haven't seen anything quite like it either. Might be making a visit to asos....

    Claire x

  6. This is a lovely colour, I missed put on picking this up off Fragrance Direct, what a shame!
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-


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