Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Primark Shoes

I rarely find shoes I like in Primark (or anywhere for that matter), and if I do, my size is usually out of stock, so wasn't expecting any different yesterday. However, I ended up buying not one, not two, but three pairs! I've been looking for a black pair of boots to wear with black tights and shorts/dresses for years. Literally. But I'm very particular when it comes to the style. I don't like chelsea boots because they make my feet look hugeee, and many bike boots are too clunky. I saw and tried on the biker boots above about a month ago, but wasn't sure if I liked them or not, so carried on my quest. Many pairs later, I realised that they were the best of a bad bunch, so decided to just buy them. I'm still not in love with them, and wish the gold hardware was silver, but they were only £15 and I really needed some! The black tasselled moccasins (£8) are very similar to my other pair from Primark, and since I wear those so often, I thought I'd also add these to my collection. The nude moccasins (also £8), detailed with studs and bows, are so pretty. I've never owned a nude pair of shoes before because they usually make my pale feet look dead, but these don't. I'll have to be careful I don't get stuck in the rain with them, which will be hard with such unpredictable weather, but I'm glad I bought them nonetheless. I'm finding myself loving shoes shaped like the ones above because they're just so flattering!

Have you bought any shoes from Primark recently?


  1. I love primark, but I'm a size 9 so they only have a small section that has size 9's and even then they're hardly in stock :( but these are so cute! x

  2. I have the black moccasins! Well the ones with gold detailing :) Might have to pick up the nude ones as they're so comfy and I just love moccasins!

  3. I've had primark ankle boots for probably about a year- 2 years and I basically wear them for the whole of autumn and winter and they're only just falling apart now- awesome for Primark to be honest! X

  4. I love the nude moccasins - they are so cute! Primark always seem to have a really nice selection of shoes x

  5. Awwh those boots are cute :)

    Haven't been to Primark in ages! xxx

  6. I think it's time for another visit to Primark to check out the shoe department :o). Xx

  7. I love them all!
    these shoes are really awesome, great post!
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