Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Body Shop Sale Purchases

I couldn't resist The Body Shop's sale and a further 40% off code! When I first had a look, some of the items I wanted were out of stock, but I checked back the following day and they were all available again. I initially added the entire Vineyard Peach and Brazil Nut ranges to my basket, but then decided that I didn't need any more body butters or shower gels! 

The first product in the photo was the only item that wasn't in the sale, and that's the Mango Body Mist. I love this, and am nearly out of my current bottle, so thought I'd buy another. It's normally £7.50, but with the 40% off code, I paid £4.50. Still not the cheapest, though, so think I may find a cheaper alternative soon! NSPA have a mango body mist which is quite nice (my sister has it), and their products are usually 2 for £4. 

Next is the Cranberry Joy Linen, Room & Body Spritz. The sale and 40% off code made this just £2.10! Again, it's another repurchase because my current bottle is nearly gone. I use it as a room spray, mostly, and it smells incredible. 

The Brazil Nut Body Mist is new to me, and cost just £2.25. It smells so much better than I thought it would - It's very sweet, and smells like nutty chocolate/caramel/vanilla. 

Lastly, I added a couple of the Coconut Butter Duo Baubles to my basket for £2.40 each (usually £7). They come with a small body butter and lip butter, and will make great little gifts.

The sale is still currently on, and they've just made products available again - Including all the products above! For an additional 40% off, use code 14673. Happy shopping! 


  1. Amazing bargains you got here, thanks so much for sharing the code!

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. Fabulous products, I really like the Body Shop body mists, they are perfect for a light scent or for layering with something else. I would love to try the Satsuma, since I've heard amazing things about it :o). Xx

  3. The cranberry spray sounds so good, and I can't believe I still haven't tried a body shop body mist! I always look at the Moringa one so I think a purchase is on the cards :) xx
    kooky capricious 

  4. Yowza! We'll be stocking up on bargain treats with this :)

    Katie & Kay xoxo

  5. I'm a sucker for the Body Shop sales! I love the mango body mist too, the grapefruit one is nice too :) Need to try the brazil nut one.

  6. I love the brazil nut spray - it's incredible x

  7. I absolutely adore all The Body Shop products, in particular their body butters and body mists..such lovely scents. Great post, just have to follow!
    Becka x

  8. I've already made an order with them using this code but I may have to make another!!

  9. I was so tempted to make an online order due to the sale but I refrained, I still have loads of things to use up.
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-


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