Monday, 25 May 2015

Bourjois Bronzing Primer

Give your skin a beautifully bronzed glow!
With correcting airbrush action, the bronzing primer smoothes out your skin for an even and mattified make-up result.
Its luxurious velvety texture blends into any skin tone for a ultra natural glow.
Can be worn alone or under foundation to warm up your complexion.

I didn't pay this product much attention in the past because I wasn't big on bronzing, and thought it looked quite orange. I've been concentrating on giving my face some warmth and definition recently, though, so have been bronzing my temples and anywhere else that needs it. The centre of my face is speckled with freckles, so it also helps balance everything out. I'd been wanting a cream bronzer, and when feeling the need to spend the other week, I found myself adding this to the pile of products in my arms.

I apply this after my foundation, just like a normal bronzer, but it works well beforehand as well. The texture is light, like a whipped mousse, so you only need to dab your brush on the surface to pick up product. Although pigmented, it's a dream to blend. More so than any bronzing product I've tried, actually. The shade does lean orange in the pot and when heavily applied, but once blended right out, you're just left with a sun kissed glow. What's more, it's completely matte, making it look even more natural.

I can see this pot lasting me a very, very long time, and there's not many products like it on the market, so don't think the £9.99 price tag is too bad. I actually used my Boots Advantage Card points to pay for it, so it was technically free! I'd love for them to bring out a contour version next.


  1. I have this in my vanity somewhere. I must dig it out!

  2. I love when drugstore ranges bring out unique products like this! It kind of reminds of Chanel Bronze Universal, which makes me even more excited that it may be a drugstore dupe!
    xoxo, Kelly


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