Monday, 11 May 2015

Chocolate & Vanilla Cookies

I hadn't baked in a long time, and I haven't regularly done so in a couple years. Part of this is down to work, but it's also because I was running out of ideas as to what to bake. I don't like doing things more than once - I don't like rewatching films, rereading books, or baking something I've done before. It doesn't excite me, so I always like to add a twist into the mix. This is where these cookies come in, and I'm pleased with how they turned out. 

To make 35, you'll need:

(for the vanilla side)
200g caster sugar
125g butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla
200g self raising flour
100g milk chocolate chips

(for the chocolate side)
200g brown sugar
125g butter
1 egg
200g self raising flour
40g cocoa powder
100g white chocolate chips

chocolate buttons and chunks optional

1. Preheat your oven to 180C
2. Line your trays with baking paper
3. Get two mixing bowls and follow the next steps twice (so you have two lots of cookie dough)
4. Cream together the butter and sugar
5. Combine the egg (and vanilla for the vanilla cookie dough)
6. Sift in the flour (and cocoa powder for the chocolate cookie dough)
7. Add in the majority of your chocolate chips
8. Place a teaspoon of each cookie dough on your tray to form a ball of half and half
9. Swirl together the middle, decorate with remaining chocolate chips, and place a chocolate decoration in the centre
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until all the cookie dough is used, making sure to leave an inch or two between each one
11. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes
12. Once out of the oven, leave to harden, and then transfer to cooling racks

I know measuring in cups is easier for many, and I do have measuring cups myself, but my brain is used to working in grams. There's online converters which you can use, though. Regardless of the unit you do use, these cookies are delicious.

Let me know if you bake them!

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