Saturday, 23 May 2015

Discounted Naked Bodycare Products (£1!)

I loved Naked Bodycare as a brand. Their products were sulphate, silicone, and cruelty free. The shampoos sometimes made my hair drier than usual because they were so clarifying, but they were perfect when I wanted to get rid of any product build up. The conditioners were on another level, though. They've featured in many favourites and empties on this blog.

So, when the brand suddenly disappeared last year, I was gutted. However, when I was waiting for my mum to buy some bits in Savers the other day, I spotted a handful Naked products for £1 a piece, so snapped up three Smooth & Silky Conditioners. Then, I discovered were stocking them, and when Jenny (@caramelandcats) informed me of a 5% discount code, I just had to place an order. 95p a bottle instead of £4.39 is just too good to pass up! The above is what I ordered, plus some Toffee Crisp and Jelly Tots (yum!). Most of these have sold out now, but I'm hoping they get some more in stock.

This is just a heads up to keep an eye out in discount stores and online. Fragrance Direct are also selling them for £1.99, if you're unable to find them anywhere else. Some Boots stores still have them on the shelves, but this won't be for much longer. It's sad to see the brand end up in these places, but it's also great to buy the products you love again at a fantastic price. I can't see them being around for much longer, though, so I'd stock up while you can!

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  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw yours and Jennys tweets. Naked is one of my favourite haircare brands as it was one of the few shampoos that helped to save my scalp when I was suffering from really bad eczema a couple of years ago. I bought one of their conditioners from Boots the other month and fell in love with it instantly only to see your tweets and realised the brand is no more. Needless to say I've stocked up on the shampoo and conditioners which will last me a good while! :) xx


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