Saturday, 16 May 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks

Gladiolus, Iris

Revolutionary wax-free gel technology for true colour clarity in one smooth swipe.

I've been waiting for these to be released in the UK since I first saw them on American soil many, many months ago. Throughout April, I was looking in Boots whenever I walked past, but for some reason, they were no where to be seen. I ended up going to Superdrug where they were 2 for £10 instead of £7.99 each. So, were they worth the wait?

  • These babies are pigmented. One swipe and you have intense colour. I prefer building my lip products up and creating a subtle stain, so don't wear them to the extent of the swatches above, but like having the option to if I wanted. You can always make pigmented products less pigmented, but if there's little pigment to begin with, you're limited to what you can do.
  • They glide on, with no dragging whatsoever. 
  • Following on from this, they feel light.
  • They don't settle in the lines of my lips, which I was expecting because of how pigmented they are.
  • I find them long lasting. I've been wearing them much less intense, and there's still some faint colour after 10 hours.
  • They don't dry my lips out. I've heard others say they're not as forgiving for them, though, so just keep that in mind.

  • If you wear them to their full intensity, they have the tendency to bleed ever so slightly. This is the downside to them being so pigmented and creamy. I'll be wearing a lip liner with them next time I wear them so bright.
  • The packaging could be improved if the bullets retracted all the way down, to save you from catching the product on the lids. Saying that, I haven't found them to be as bad as others were saying. Only a small amount sits above the casing (they're wound up in the photo above - when they're retracted, the smallest part of the slant cannot be seen). I have yet to catch them on the lids and make a mess.
  • There's some slight silver shimmer in Iris, which annoys me because it's such a beautiful colour. Why do brands ruin lip products with shimmer? Obviously, this is more of a personal preference, but I feel like most people prefer a solid cream colour.

Although they're not perfect, they're better than I thought they'd be. I've read a mixed bag of reviews, so wasn't sure what to expect. I'll probably get some more shades in the future, but won't be running out to buy any soon. Saying that, who knows what'll end up in my basket on my next shopping trip? I've been spending some pretty pennies recently!


  1. These look stunning, I hate it when brands put shimmer in lipsticks! x

  2. Such a shame they bleed. Maybe a clear lip liner would do the trick?

    1. I've just bought a clear lip liner actually :) Hoping it does the trick!

  3. Ah, a lipstick that bleeds. My nemesis. These look lovely but I can never handle a lipstick that bleeds, too much effort! Great colours though x

  4. Ooh these look brilliant! I don't like the fact they've put shimmer in either though.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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