Sunday, 18 October 2009

16th & 17th October - Sorority Row, Belly Piercings, Jeans...

What a weekend! Friday we went to Pizza Hut & Cinema for our friends 17th. Pizza Hut was awesome, not to mention delicious! We then went to see Sorority Row. I love horror films so really enjoyed this. The most jumpy film I can remember ever watching - I wouldn't put my feet on the ground and screamed about ten times. I think whoever watches the cinema cameras will piss themselves laughing. Great film but I wish the ending was better. We then missed the last bus, walked ages to find a taxi. One taxi driver wanted us to pay £20! We then told this other taxi driver how much they wanted and he said he charges £11, so we chose him to take us home. But before we went home, our taxi driver got out and started having a go at the other one and saying 'You ******* foreigners! Go back to your own country. ******* £20...' Etc etc... Ha, so yeah, eventful night.

The next day me and two friends went in town. They both got their belly buttons pierced! I had to keep telling them it was alright and is over within a few seconds. I went in with one to see how they did it because when I got mine done, I was too scared to look (2 1/2 years ago). It wasn't bad at all! I can get squeamish about things but this was fine and it literally took a few seconds and we were out.

Next I bought a few pairs of jeans in Primark. A guy who I know served me so I'm glad I wasn't buying underwear, it would have been a little awkward. Both these pairs were £8:

This pair is really tight! Took me half an hour to do them up! These must be a verrryyyy small size 8. Even though they're tight, I still love them, but the next pair I get will have to be a size 10. These are called Light Wash Skinny Jeans if you're interested.

I also got some dark skinny jeans. These are not as tight and fit perfectly even though these are also a size 8.

I then bought a few folders (4 to be exact :P) from Wilkinsons for school. The spotty ones were 95p each and the pink ones were 75p each.

Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. I want to see Sorority Row, but nobody will go with me, :| x

  2. those jeans are sooo cute. i especially love the dark wash pair. (:


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