Monday, 12 October 2009

My Favourite Body Butter

Presenting, the one, the only: Body Treatment Body Butter!
This is a body butter I use all the time. It smells amazing, is really thick and creamy which I love and leaves your skin super soft. This comes in other fragrances as well including coconut and strawberry.
It is the size of a large Body Shop's body butter, it works just as well, smells exactly the same... so whats the difference between the two? Oh yes, how could I forget? The price! So do you think this beauty is higher or lower than a £12 body butter from The Body Shop? ...
This blog isn't called Affordable Treats for nothing - Of course its lower!
The price might surprise you, it certainly did me...
97p! I bought this around a year ago for no particular reason and I certainly didn't think it would be any good for the ridiculous price. I was proven wrong and have been in love ever since. The price occasionally changes but the highest I have seen it go to is about £1.15? & that's still as cheap as chips!

This can be found at Wilkinsons. I haven't seen this anywhere else yet, but you never know, it could be staring me in the eyes every time I walk in to Superdrug.

Are there any products you use that don't get the publicity?


  1. I love the very title of your blog. I'm hooked! :)

  2. I've tried this body butter and I like it a lot and it smells soooo good! xxx


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