Monday, 26 October 2009


Here are a few photo's of my gorgeous puppy Jessie :)

Back paws forward!

A little sleepy :)

Awr! You can see that this one and the next two are of her when she was younger.

This is Shadow our Lab (About 12 years) & Jessie :)


  1. Aww such cute pictures; my mums just got a new puppy, its a jack russell cross spaniel and it is so tiny and cute, it is literally just a bit bigger than my hand. I love labs too, I grew up with one and she was the most gentle dog I've ever seen. What type of dog is Jessie? xxx

  2. Becca: She is a Lab cross Collie. Our last dog (Also called Jessie) was a Collie and Shadow is a Lab so its my two favourite breeds in one! She's cuddly like a Lab but smart like a Collie which is good :)

  3. awww!! Thanks for posting these, my mum's allergic to animal fur but I love animals, so looking at other people's makes me feel better about it if not a bit jealous

  4. Awww that totally made my day! They are so adorable!


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