Friday, 9 October 2009

Accessorize & Primark Haul

Town today :) Although I have been getting more money, I am still skint? & I have only been buying things I need :S

Accessorize: ( For friends birthday present )

Purse £8. A lot nicer in real life! It has sparkly bits on it :)

Earrings £5

Cute little note pad! £2.50

Primark: Winter Shop :)

Ankle socks & normal socks £2 each

Long white knitted scarf £6

2 pack of gloves £1

Mens large gloves £2. These are soooo warm! Inside they have like a thick fleecy cushion material. These will certainly keep me nice and warm and I think they are a lot better than the womens gloves at Primark as their not about looking cute, their about keeping you as warm as possible.

Have a good weekend! My plans: Watch a few new cartoon films that have been out & write my christmas lists! These will include: Who to get for, money spent on each person and what to get them! :)


  1. I love the earrings and the notepad is soooo cute!! :-)

  2. Yeah the notepad is too cute! Also love the purse too. And i go through so many pairs of primark socks. They are so cheap that I buy loads lol. Love new socks :D x

  3. Hi hun,
    I nominated you for 2 blog awards on my blog because your blog in a brilliant read!
    Emma :)x


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