Thursday, 8 October 2009

Avon Haul & New Phone

Solutions Pure Pore-Fection Self-Foaming Cleanser £1.50, Solutions Plus Total Radiance Skin Refining Clay Mask £1.50, Glazewear Dimensions Lipstick in Nude Gold and Sequins Pink £4.50 each, Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Iced Coffee £3.25.

From top to bottom: Iced Coffee, Iced Coffee blended out, Sequins Pink, Nude Gold.

I've just sent the lipsticks back because Iced Coffee isn't my kind of colour and Nude Gold & Sequins Pink are not that pigmented. Plus I hardly ever wear lip products and regret getting them!

I can not wait to try out the cleanser and clay mask - reviews will be coming up :)

I also got a new phone today: Samsung Genio Touch. This phone comes with my contract and is known as the budget touch phone for young teenagers. I agree, this phone is cheap and will appeal to the younger market as you can change the back of the phone to different colours. It is quite a good phone so far and I don't mind that it only has a 2mp camera because I don't use the cameras on phones. If this phone had a better camera, it would be absolutely amazing for people who do use them. I have changed the back cover to black because I only like black sleek phones.

I read some reviews on this phone but you can not really go by these as this phone only came out last month so no one can properly review it. The main things said about this phone is the price and camera. Someone also said that the speaker isn't very loud? They can not be more wrong - its really loud!

So far, I reaaaally like this phone! I think it should be a lot more expensive than its price tag.

:) x

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