Sunday, 1 November 2009

Miss Sporty Studio Lash Mascara - Review

I really like Miss Sporty products - I use their concealer most of the time and their nail varnishes are my favourite to use.

Last year I bought their Studio Lash mascara (£2.93), being the first plastic brush mascara I used... and the last. I've said before that I prefer 'proper' bristled brushes because they give volume and comb your lashes when applying to prevent clumps. I find that with plastic brushes, they give no volume at all and clump because the 'bristles' are plastic which makes them quite thick.
This being said, I gave it to my mum which it then sat in the bottom of her make-up bag for months and months. Earlier I decided to re-use this mascara to see if my thoughts had changed, now that I am into make-up and have a better view on products.

To me, my lashes looked very clumpy and unnatural after applying. It made my eye lashes look thick, plastic and fake. Some people may like the big fake looking lashes, but I myself, do not.
So do I still dislike plastic brushes? Defiantly!
On to the next point: The formula of the mascara - It was still wet after 10 minutes! Even now after 20 minutes it feels quite tacky.

I review products I either love or hate and normally they are products I love. If a product is nothing special then I don't review it because you want to know what is really good or what to stay clear of, not the 'mm it is alright' products - They won't help you decide to buy it or not.
I don't think I have ever done a bad review, this being the first because I can not name 3 products I hate - it rarely happens.


  1. oh my! it dzn sound good. I was planning 2 give this a try but now i wont hehe..

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