Friday, 20 November 2009

RIP Camera

I went to charge my camera so I can upload the photos to blogger but it didn't turn on :( So I will be getting a new one using my birthday money in January (Two months away! :( ). I like the look of a Samsung one (I like Samsung and have always used their cameras and phones) - 12 mega pixels and £79.99. Until then I will have to try and get as many pictures off of the internet and use my rubbish camera on my phone. I've got NOTW, Toe nail patterns and the Revlon false nails I won to show you (I got the pattern I wanted :D). I think I can get the Revlon pictures off the internet and as for the other two... A crappy picture of my nails and I'll draw you a picture of my toe nails! As you don't really need to see the colours - You should know what they are and what they look like aswell because I have used to very common colours :) Oh and I can find the colours on the computer because both of the colours used are not shimmery.
I am also going in town tomorrow so will have a haul. Again I'll try to take pictures, if not then I'll get them from the internet.

Hope you've had a good week and have an even better weekend :)


  1. Aw sorry to hear about your camera, I always panic that mine will break and remember when my previous one did - I was heartbroken!

    You don't really need anything over 8mp unless you're going to blow photos up huge, the most important thing is the quality of the lens and for taking make up pics, the macro setting.

    Have fun hauling!

  2. Hi hun I nominated you for a blog award here:

  3. Oh no :( what a pain, just post what you can! Emma :)

  4. Samsung Cameras are great ! Easy to use, have all the gadgets, it's one of the best ones I have had to take photos of makeup.


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