Friday, 6 November 2009

Tiny Superdrug Haul

This is a pretty pointless post but I want to show you the small gum ball machine I bought my uncle for Christmas! It was £1.99 is your interested ;)

Also up the top is Superdrugs Colour Effects Wash in Wash Out Conditioning Colour in True Chestnut. This was 97p and the reviews for this product are really good.
I used this a couple of days ago and can not do a review because it turns out True Chestnut is basically my natural Auburn hair colour so I can not tell if the product took to my hair well. I might buy the more red toned colour and see how that works out.

Oh and the marshmallows were 99p and the tubes of sweets were 2 for £2. Haaaa - You never know, someone could find that information useful.

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