Friday, 6 November 2009

Quick Update On Posts

Sorry I haven't made a post in a few days, my dad has been on in the evenings. I do have three posts to come, tiny Superdrug haul which isn't worth showing but I will because it includes a small gum ball machine! My prizes from GetGawjus arrived! I love everything! and the last post will be on hair colour - Quick story: I used the Temporary Effects but I can not do a review because 'Chestnut Brown' is very similar to my own natural colour so I can not tell if the product did a good job. I did however buy a hair colour from their next range up: Colour Sensations Semi-Permanent (£2.93) and I got it in 6:7 Warm Chocolate Brown. I dyed my hair last night and you can see the difference with this one. I'll see if I like it today.
I probably will not get on the computer tonight so those three posts will be up tomorrow :)


  1. it's okay :) we hope to hear from you soon

    You've got a creative blogger award! Hope over to have a look! Emma :)


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