Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My Toes :)

As I've said previously, my camera has died so I have decided to draw you what my toe nails look like! (Paint over a picture) The colours you see are accurate to what the colours look like in real life as they do not have any shimmer in them.

^ Looks very similar to my toe nails.
The colours used are: Barry M Nail Paint in Limited Edition Pink & Collection 2000 Nail Polish in BMX Bandit.
Oh and some people might say that they are not symmetrical: They are not meant to be - Left foot pink toe nails with pink on the inside on the big toe nail and right foot blue toe nails with blue on the inside of the big toe nail.


  1. Thats s cool! I like how the big toes are like blending the two colours together :D lol its kinda trippy!!

  2. wow thats a great idea hun! so pretty =)


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