Monday, 7 September 2009

Horrible First Day

Fourth post today but I have to have a rant!
OK so firstly, picture time! My photo is horrible! Nothing new there. Please just one nice photo in my life time!
Secondly, I am alone in all my classes. All my friends are together except me. This always happens, I'm the one put into classes by myself. I might ask to change classes because their the same subject, just different rooms & times. I don't think I will be allowed though.
Thirdly, walking home at lunch time, (Had no classes for the rest of the day) my 'pearl' necklace broke. Beads went flying everywhere. Thankfully there wasn't many people around but I'm still upset.
Every cloud has a silver lining but I really can't see one this time. Some may say 'You'll work harder now you're not with your friends' but I don't. I work better with my friends. It could be an opportunity to make new friends, but I know everyone already, I just don't 'click' with them.

The only good thing about today is I have just ate a Kinder Egg :) & am now building the toy hehe.


  1. Oh sorry you have had a bad day- chocolate makes everything better!

    I was split up from my friends in classes to- one class I only knew one person. Yes it was hard at times, but I got through it. When I went to college/uni it was like that too.

    If you are really unhappy in a few weeks maybe you can swap groups- people always drop out so there will probably be places for you.

    I hope you can rethread your pearl necklace too.

    Tomorrow is a new day
    Emma :)

  2. sorry to hear that. :|
    it sucks being by yourself.
    my pearl necklace broke the other day, :(

  3. Thanks for your message :) I left you a reply on mine, but lt us know how tomorrow goes :)x

  4. I know your pain! I'm split from my friends in almost all my classes. Like you, I DO work better with my friends around me 'cos I feel more comfortable. It sucks! I've already been able to change one of my classes though. :) x

  5. I know how it feels, I spent the last 5 years in groups with hardly anyone I knew :( Luckily I have friends in nearly all my classes now, but there's still hardly anyone in my form. I had a really special bracelet that my mum brought back from Las Vegas that snapped as well, and it's way too complicated to re-string


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