Saturday, 12 September 2009

A little about me :)

I wanted to make this post because people read posts, but sometimes never know anything about the person that actually creates the posts. So here goes: (More about me in the 'I think you're an awesome girl award' post. Can not be bothered to write them out again.)

*I'm called Louise, If you haven't already noticed!

*I'm 16, birthday in January.

*I live in Devon, next to Cornwall (I go to school in Cornwall) That's all I'm saying there!

*I'm currently in sixth form studying Biology, English Language, Media & Psychology.

*I have 'Auburn' hair. In other words, dark ginger!

*I have brown eyes.

*Am very slim and don't tend to put weight on. Good thing? I'm not sure.

*You know people cringe at the sound or thought of claws scraping down a black board? Well I cringe and shudder at the feeling of lollipop sticks. Wet wood on your teeth and tongue! Scraping across. Ew. I also can not dry and wipe up wooden spoons *Shudders*

*I have 5 piercings, 2 on each ear & my belly button :)

*I've saw a tag going round of what people prefer & one of them is 'Galaxy or Dairy Milk?' Now quite a lot of people have said Dairy Milk & I'm going to say that I'm a Galaxy kind of girl 100%. Galaxy is soooo much more creamier and mouth watering!

*I can't think of anymore yet :S When I do I'll add them! (Not that people will be interested reading about me, but oh well!)


  1. I am the same with the wooden spoon thing! People think im crazy!

  2. Lol well at least we know were not crazy (Hopefully). I don't see how people can not find it horrible!

  3. Devon and Cornwall are lovely :D Nice to hear about people who don't live in giant cities next to all the great shopping centres!

    Glad to hear you sounding a bit happier though Louise :D (although be careful about sharing your date of birth as i know someone who had their email hacked like that- scary!)
    Emma :)

  4. I'm the same with lollipop sticks *shudders*
    Just the thought . . .urgh lol.
    I was born in January too :O haha.

  5. OMG! I am the same too! My fiance thinks I've weird, noone understands! It makes my skin crawl just thinking about someone chewing on a lollipop stick!

  6. I studied Psychology in A levels too and I really enjoyed doing it =)


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