Saturday, 26 September 2009

Newlook & Primark Haul


Coat £28 (Click to enlarge and see the coat properly). There's also this other gorgeous coat I really want for £45. I'm going to save up for it.

True colour of the coat.


First pairs of 'Uggs' £5 each. I want some chocolate brown ones but these will do for now. I've found a chocolate brown pair from Kangool which I am also going to save up for.

First pairs of 'Tennis' shoes £2 each.

Pearl and bow necklace £2.50.

Pearl earrings £1.

White and gold flower ring £2.


  1. OMG!!I love love what you've bought!!! from the jacket to shoes to necklace and earrings.its such a great deal,cheap and pretty.awww..all i wish is to visit LONDON again

  2. That coat's lovely hun, mac's are so versatile and i love that they cover up everything on those not so confident days! x


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