Friday, 18 September 2009

Ins & Outs :)

This is just a quick blog as I have to get ready for school :( but at least its Friday!

1. Washing my hands with various lush soaps before I go to bed. They make my hands smell yummy and feel super soft!

2. Better skin! This could either be the scrub and cleanser I'm using, Vitamin tablets or I'm just growing out of the phase of having spots! Hopefully the last one *fingers crossed*

3. Starting swimming. A good way to keep healthy and spend some time with friends.

4. Wearing my Avon perfumes everyday. They smell so yummy...

5. Shadow playing with Jessie all the time. She's turned into a puppy herself, its so cute.

6. My friend changing one of her courses & now she has the same free periods as me!

1. My hair. I'm bored of it being long and want a good 8 inches off but my hairdresser hasn't got back to me yet and its been ages :( (Shes a friend of a family member)

2. No money, as usual. Have you seen my wish list?!

3. Short nails. They wasn't really long anyway but one of them got a split and had to file it down. Then all the rest had to be filed down so it didn't look weird.

4. Feeling ugly all of the time. Wheres my confidence?! Its ran off :(

Anything planned for the weekend?

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