Tuesday, 8 September 2009

How was my second day?

Apart from still being a loner, having a headache, blisters on my feet, horrible weather & bad hair, my day was OK.
I had double Psychology but our teacher was really ill so we ended up having two free periods. Sounds good but it wasn't, it was so boring as all my friends were in lessons. Sitting there for two hours is not fun. I can't even go home because I live ages away.
I asked to swap Biology classes and they allowed me, but I swapped back to the class where I'm lonely because: I wasn't even sat with my friends, my time table would be mixed up and confusing, I would have free periods on my own (Even more than I do now) & one of their teachers is horrible - ha.

I suppose there is a lot worse going on in the world. I'll live.

*I also hate the weather at the moment. Dark, foggy and drizzly. I would rather it be raining! We had a glimpse of the sun this summer, but I wouldn't call it a summer at all :(

Can you tell I'm really not loving life at this point in time?! Lol.
My Avon comes in 6 days so that's a plus, I also get EMA soon (Hopefully) So I should have more money!
I hope all of your days went better than mine :)


  1. ahh mine sucked, i had my 1st day back in upper 6.
    i used to have all my frees on my own lat year, but as the year goes on you dont notice bcuz you will eitther find other people to sit with or you will have so much work its easier to just do it in frees than spending time at home doing it.
    hope its better 2moro, im sure it wil be!

  2. Ok, so sort of maybe a little bit better- as you dont get the horrible teacher? You'll just have to plan lots of study days for the subjects you have together?

    Hopefully we'll get lots of sunny autumn days with crunchy leaves and conkers and blue skies!

    Do you order your avon things online, or from a rep? Just think, the christmas lines shoudl be coming out soon and will be lots of fun to look at :D

    Hope tomorrow gets better? x

  3. Yeah planning to do work but haven't got any yet. I know I will today though! Oh the joys.

    From an Avon rep who is also a family friend. Oooh yes Christmas shopping soon, people start early!


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