Sunday, 13 September 2009

Review - Lush 17 Cherry Tree Lane Soap (+ a few small others)

My sister got this for her birthday, along with the Sakura bath bomb but she doesn't really use stuff like this so she gave them to me. (Thanks!) On Lush's website, this is in with the Retro soaps.
I'll admit that I wouldn't buy this myself because it has a floral scent to it (I prefer delicate floral, sweet, fruity scents) and it doesn't have that exciting appearance to stand out from the crowd.
I used this soap today, it lathered up well and left my hands feeling soft like all of Lush's soaps do. The smell also lingers on your hands which is nice. Overall I would rate this as a pretty average soap because there isn't anything about this which is different to any other standard soap. If you do like strong floral scents then this would be perfect for you. Looking at the reviews on Lush's website, a lot of people love this soap, it just isn't something I would buy.

I have also tried these Lush soaps:
Honey I Washed The Kids
Rock Star

I can not find Mudflat anymore :( But I loved it. It was good for people who have spots on their backs and I actually liked the herbal natural smell.

I can not remember how good the other two were but I know they were pretty good. + They were the sweetest smells ever - Yum! (I'm going to re-purchase Honey I Washed The Kids).

I want to try Ice Blue known as the 'tingly peppermint' one. I'm sure this will wake my skin up and I will love the tingly sensation.

I do like the idea of using soaps rather than shower gels because they have many more natural ingredients instead of chemicals. On the other hand, I do tend to use shower gels more, simply because I'm lazy (Soaps become slippery and seem to have me falling around the bath trying to catch them!).

More reviews to come :)

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