Saturday, 10 April 2010

Charm Bracelets

I love the idea of charm bracelets; Creating your own personal piece step by step.
Looking at the prices of 'Pandora' and 'Links of London', I was amazed as I would have to save up for years to buy one. £20 for a single bead? and that's one of the cheapest. When buying these, you're not paying for the product, but for the label. They will last a long time and as they are so expensive, you will treasure it, so when I'm earning a lot more than I am now, I might invest in one.
There are many bracelets that are similar to Pandora ones that will not break the bank and no one will notice any difference. The only way people will know if it is a true Pandora, is if you shove it in their face and say 'Look it's a Pandora' - Many people do, just to show off.

I've just purchased a silver chain identical to the Pandora ones on Ebay, along with multiple beads (Silver core). They say sterling silver, but even if they were silver plated, I wouldn't be fussed. Anyway, the chain is VERY expensive (not), around £1 and sets of 5 glass beads with a silver core at 64p. I can not wait for them to arrive to I can create my own charm bracelet.

My friend has a Pandora bracelet and I'm going to see just how similar mine will be to hers.



  1. I have a link of london sweetie bracelet, expensive yes but i know someone who's had one for absolutely ages and the quality is still fab, so hopefully mine will be a investment.

    Great price for yours, looking forward to seeing pics x

  2. I have a pearl Thomas Sabo one which is really cute; it was £20 which to me is quite expensive (even though its not 100s lol!). All the charms I've bought for it are not official thomas sabo ones - they're just random clip on ones but they look so similar that you can't tell the difference. I'd love a sweetie bracelet but I don't have the money for a real one xxx

  3. I agree that the actual bracelets are gorgeous and will last a long time and if I am ever lucky enough to have the money for one, I'd love to get one. But for now, an inexpensive version, that looks very similar is a good option for me as I have little money ha.
    You're very lucky to have the money to afford one :)

  4. Louise, when i was a student i definitely wouldn't have been able to afford one!! Luckily now that i'm working full time i can afford a few of those more expensive treats every now and again, i'm sure when you're working and a little older then you'll be able to too :) xx

  5. They're ridiculously expensive, I got a sweetie for my 18th birthday, 3 and a half years ago, and it still looks brand new so you do get what you pay for. I'm not much for pandora, I love the style of the bracelet but I don't like the beads, I'd pay for the bracelet but if I was going to charm it up I'd go for something cheaper.

    Thomas Sabo is nice and cheap :D


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