Monday, 5 April 2010

Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Show Off

Voila. My nails are still quite short which is annoying. They should be nice and long again in a week or two. These quality photo's are awful so when I get my hands on a proper camera, I shall take some more. The shade of blue, as you can see, is a true blue. The only thing that the camera isn't picking up, due to its lack of focus, is the shimmer. Application was good, the usual 2 coats and I shall see how long the polish lasts until looking a bit shabby.

Oh and forgot to mention, this is £1.79 :)



  1. That nail polish is lovely super cute :)
    Think I may have to get it lol :)
    Thanks for sharing I love collection 2000 nail polishes :)



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