Monday, 5 April 2010

Few Small Purchases

A few presents for some upcoming birthdays :)

Clinton Cards:
I love Blue Nose Friends, their adorable! Snail teddy £5, Keychain £2.50, Elephant charm £1.99 and the card was £1.50

Close ups, dorrrr the snail! I want to collect them all hehe

These are a few little extra presents for some friends. Skittles and Starburst from Tesco. Mini magnetic letters and rubber chicken are from Hawkins Bazaar £1.50 and £2. The chickens for a guy friend who is easily amused lol

Watermelon lipbalm (smells gorgeous) £2 from Hawkins Bazaar, Miss Sporty nail polish in Peaches £1.99, Collection 2000 nail polish in Show Off £1.79.
Miss Sporty nail polishes are great and you really can not go wrong for the price. They currently have a 3 for 2 offer across the range so you could get 3 nail polishes for £4!

My nails are now long enough to show swatches and I am going to borrow my friends camera so I can show you the colours of my nail polishes. I'll start off with my Asda ones then Miss Sporty, then Collection 2000 and then carry on with the rest.


  1. i really like miss sporty nail polishes!
    looking forward to the swatches!

  2. HAHAHA im like your guy friend, im so easily amused by rubber ducks! theyre hilarious


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