Sunday, 21 August 2011

A trip down memory lane

I was looking through some photos last night and thought it would be nice to share a few with you. What I love about childhood is that you don't care what you look like and what people think of you. I also envy the perfect skin!

Literally white

Granddad and I. He looks very similar now, apart from his grey hair!

Mum and I

Summer dress with biker boots! I've also got a photo from the Winter, where I'm wearing my school jumper, skirt, tights and the boots again.

Sister (looking like a boy) and I



  1. Awh these are cute! Loving the hair, it's so sweet :] x

  2. Aw you were so cute!
    I love looking at photos like this, and your right when your young you don't care about what other people think, something we then spend ages trying to get back to :)

  3. Aw these are cute!
    Lucy x

  4. Love the photo of you with the look so cute! I love looking through out photos and memories. Lovely post x


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