Friday, 19 February 2010

Collection 2000 Love Your Lips Balmgloss

Price: £3.99

What they say:
  • The only gloss to offer SPF20
  • Helps protect and care for lips in the sun
  • Moisturising and non-sticky
  • Contains anti-oxidants, rose hips and mango extract to soothe and hydrate lips
  • Available in six delicious fruit flavours

What I say: I agree with everything above. Its moisturising, non-sticky and the SPF20 is a bonus. I love the packaging and the applicator is a brush instead of your average wand found in most lipglosses. The colour pay off is definitely not as strong as the colour in the tube but is sheer and subtle (This is the only thing I would improve). Another reason why I love this Balm/Gloss is the smell - Oh em geeeee it smells so good! Like sweet mango's :)

Would I re-purchase? Yes! It has everything I look for in a gloss (Apart from high pigmentation). I have 'Passion' which is the bright pink one (4th from the left) and I would certainly buy the others.



  1. I nearly brought one of these today but i decided against it i'm more of and eye person :)

  2. I'm also an eye person :) I rarely wear lip products x

  3. i really love this gloss, b/c its not your typical gloss - love how moisturizing it is.
    Have to say though, i hate the brush! its too small and doesnt grab the product
    great review


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