Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lush Avobath Ballistic


What Lush say: For liveliness and softer skin. If you're the sort who lounges in bed, Avobath is what you need to get you moving in the morning. It's an amazingly refreshing Ballistic with lemongrass to stimulate sleepy brains, freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to moisturize your skin. If you absolutely have to leave your bed, get up and Avobath.

What I say: First of all, the smell = mmmmmm! This smells of gentle citrusy yummyness - good description, I know ;)
When you pop this in, you end up with a lime green bath which, for me, is another highlight. We all love bathing in different coloured water, it makes bath time more fun! So, I was laying there, sniffing up the lemony aroma and I could feel how soft it was making my skin. This also has subtle shimmer particles. Don't worry, it doesn't leave you looking like a glitter ball as the particles are extremely fine. The result is soft, radiant looking skin.

Would I re-purchase? Definitely!


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