Sunday, 28 February 2010

Small Shop Including Mother's Day Presents

I finished getting my mother's day presents!

Card Factory is so cheap! Their giant cards are 99p-£1.99.
  • From here I bought the cutest card which comes in a gift box for £1.99
  • A balloon for 49p
  • And a hugee teddy for £6.99. See the teddies in the picture above wrapped up with big bows? Its one like that :) I must have looked hilarious carrying it around town as the bag was insanely big.
  • I've also got her ferrero rocher's (Of course)
  • And a skin care gift set from Simple.

Soul Cal Chambray Pintuck Shirt
Next up is Primark. Now as I don't have a camera and can not find a picture, I had to use this blouse picture from Republic. Its like the picture above but its navy blue and comes with a brown skinny belt. This was £8.
I also bought some light wash skinny jeans for £8.



  1. The card factory is bloody brill isnt it. I dont see the point in buying really expensive cards from clintons because half the time they get thrown away so you might aswell just put you money in the bin hadnt you, but the card factory has some lovely cards for like 99p. Thats where I got my mums card from yesterday I was going to pick her up a teddy from there but my mums not really in to teddys so i decided against it and then she ended up wanting a teddy from tesco lol Mothers who'd have them lol

  2. Mothers Day present are so lovely cute! *____*

  3. I have no idea what to get my mum this year!

    I have nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog :)



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