Friday, 12 February 2010

N.Y.C Cosmetics

Hello Ladies! I was kindly sent a few products by Superdrug to review for you:

Metro Quartet Eyeshadow in South Street Seaport.
I love the packaging and think the double ended brush is cute and convenient. The clear sheet across the eye-shadows shows you where to put the colour which is helpful... But 3/4 of the eye-shadows are not as highly pigmented as I would of liked them to be. On the other hand, the darkest contour colour is very pigmented so on a whole, this product is a hit and miss.

Sparkle Eye Dust in Pink Champagne.
The packaging for this product is also cute but I do not like the brush as the bristles are all messed up. This gives a subtle shimmer which can be used in the day; as the colours are not bold or can be used to add some sparkle to a night time look.

Liquid Liner in Jet Black.
I really like this; dries in a reasonable time, lasts all day and has a small, thin brush. First of all I thought I would have no control over the brush as it would be flimsy but application was easy. This is really good for making those flicks perfect.

Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Baby.
I wasn't expecting much from this product as when I first swatched, it felt sticky and tacky. This gives your lips a rosy tint which looks really nice and it isn't as tacky as I thought. It doesn't slide on like a gloss but this increases the staying power as it isn't going to be accidentally wiped off your lips. All in all, a good product :)

Color Wheel Mosaic Powder in Pink Cheek Glow.
I have already written a full review on this product which can be found here.


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  1. I LOVE NYC products, i'm glad i'm not the only one!
    Especially the sparkle pots, they're so cute x


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