Monday, 15 February 2010


Again, my posts haven't been up to scratch, and I'm sorry for anyone who has missed me (Don't all comment at once :P) BUT I haven't been here to do any posts as I've had quite a social weekend: I was out Friday night at a social club where local bands were playing, out all night Saturday and got hammered, which I regret because I rang a few people up and talked poop to them. They probably now think I'm a stupid drunk who they should stay away from *hangs head in shame*.
So then I went in town the following morning to exchange my Republic skirt for a hoody, my friend and I then had a KFC meal as we were still hangover. It was also not a good idea to go on an escalator moving down; it took a few minutes for me to choose what step to step on: like you would do when you were a child haa.
Thennnnnn, after a whole day of pointlessness in town, we met up with everyone to go see Valentines Day. Basically it was created by Americans trying to copy Love Actually but they failed miserably. It wasn't reaaaaaaal bad, just boring. It wasn't engaging and I found myself looking around the cinema and checking the time on my phone, praying it was nearly over. Good news is though, we didn't go to 'Vue' where everyone goes and the prices are extremely pricey. We went to 'Reel', a cheap cinema where not many people go. Yes, the seats aren't as comfy, but the food is cheap! I got large popcorn and a large drink for £4 :)
We were then at the bus stop when I realised I didn't have my purse (I gave to my friend as she had a bag but it must of fallen out) I then ran back to the cinema as the very last bus of the night was to arrive in 10 minutes, to find that they had just closed up! So I had to ring up in the morning and go collect it.
Oooh and I have a load of coursework to be done but I should be able to make a few posts :)
Phewwww! I've just rambled for Britain but if you've made it this far, then thank you for reading! You can have a long distance air hug :)

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