Saturday, 20 February 2010

Rimmel Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer

Price: £4.99

What they say: Blendable dual action concealer. Effectively covers the blemish without clogging pores, whilst the inner core treats the blemish.

What I say: Well firstly lets mention the packaging - a pearly beige with silver writing = very nice! The surface area is a lot smaller than the average lipstick shaped concealer which I like as it is easier to target the blemish without covering the skin around it. In the centre of this concealer is a green colour core which is said to treat the blemish. The ingredients that 'treat the blemish' are listed as extracts of cucumber, chamomile, and cotton.
I'm never sure if claims like these actually work, but its a nice idea. The green colour doesn't show up on your skin but ends up blending with the tonal part of the concealer. The concealer blends well and overall is a good product.

There are a few points which could be improved:
1. This has less product than most concealers so £5 for the amount you get is a little pricey. If Rimmel dropped the price to under the £4 mark, I'd be a little happier with the value for money.
2. The product comes in 4 shades: Ivory 010, Soft Ivory 020, Classic Beige 030, Soft Beige 040. As you can see, this product isn't suited for people with darker skin.

Would I re-purchase? As I said in my previous concealer review: No because I'm always trying out different concealers but I would be happy if I re-purchased :)

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  1. I was looking at this the other day in Boots - it does sound like a good idea to combine concealing and treating blemishes. I agree about it being smaller though - I'm using Hide The Blemish at the moment but will probably try this when I finish it up! Great review! x


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